Buenos Aires Research Conference 2023 (BARC2023)

Call for abstracts (250 words) is now open.

Deadline, November 29, 2023


We are pleased to announce the Buenos Aires Conference on Autophagy and Vesicular Trafficking, Mechanisms, and Disease 2023, to be held at the Quirno Foundation (Talcahuano 1234, City of Buenos Aires) on December 6th and 7th.

The conference will culminate with the conferral ceremony of the Doctor Honoris Causa degree by the University of Buenos Aires to Professor Ana Maria Cuervo (Albert Einstein Medical College, NY, NY, USA) on December 7th at 12:00 in the Conference Room of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, UBA (Junín 956, 1113 Buenos Aires)

The top abstracts will be chosen for short talks and flash talks, with a special emphasis on posters. Additionally, The Histochemistry Society will grant awards for the best abstracts. Their official journals will offer registration waivers for young researchers, postdocs, and students who register and submit their abstracts.

The Buenos Aires Research Conference 2023 is the fifth conference on autophagy to be held in Argentina and was initiated in 2011, becoming the first meeting on autophagy held in the southern hemisphere. Its aim is to cover recent developments in the field, crucial for our understanding of the multifaceted role of autophagy in celular homeostasis and as a possible therapeutic target in human diseases such as cancer, infections, degenerative, inflammatory, and metabolic diseases. In this edition, the treatment of new non-canonical aspects of autophagy was incorporated: vesicular transport and extracellular vesicles.

Likewise, the focus of application to the study of the physiopathology of complex diseases,

cell development and differentiation. This meeting will be of interest to scientists from different research fields and given its translational nature, the conference is of broad interest to basic and clinical researchers, as well as to companies dedicated to the development of new diagnostic and treatment strategies.

This event is a unique opportunity for young researchers from Argentina and Latin America to interact, receive advice and initiate collaborative work with leading and foundational researchers in the field.



Chair:  Maria Ines Vaccaro. Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Prof. Alberto Boveris. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Co-chair: Sergio Daniel Catz.  Scripp Research Institute, San Diego, USA.


Scientific Committee:

Mario Rossi (IIMT), Pablo Wappner (IIBBA), Mariana Melani (IIBBA), Fabiana Lopez Mingorance (IBIMOL), Claudio Fader (IHEM-Mendoza), Alejandro Ropolo (IBIMOL), Veronica Boggio (IBIMOL) & Maria Ines Vaccaro (IBIMOL).


Invited Speakers:

  • Ana Maria Cuervo (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA)
  • David Rubinsztein (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Sergio D. Catz (Scripps Research Institute, USA)
  • Adriana Mantegazza (Thomas Jefferson University, Phi, USA)
  • Silvana Zanlungo Matsuhiro (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile)
  • Mauricio Budini (Universidad de Chile , Chile)
  • Alfredo Criollo (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
  • Maria Eugenia Morselli (Universidad San Sebastián, Chile)
  • Marisa Colombo (IHEM-Mendoza, Argentina)
  • Pablo Wappner (IIBBA-Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Mariana Melani (IIBBA-Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Analía Trevani (IMEX-Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Mario Rossi (IIMT-Pilar, Argentina)
  • Pablo Iribarren (CIBICI-Córdoba, Argentina)


Event address: Talcahuano 1234 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Fundación Norberto Quirno).




Preliminary Program [+]

For more information: 2023.barc@gmail.com 

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDLNufdsIeaxQ6wKu0SXMAWjRO9Bko5OpietStbd_ZZXRadQ/viewform?usp=sf_link